Salisbury Catholic Parish
Salisbury Catholic Parish Archdiocese of Adelaide

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Churches and Mass Times*

*for schedule of Masses on Special Occasions (such as Christmas and Easter) please see Upcoming Events)

Sunday Mass (& Reconciliation)

  Sunday Vigil (Saturday) Sunday
St. Augustine's

11.30am Individual Reconciliation (Confession)

6.00pm Vigil Mass (English); Reconciliation (Confession) available before the Mass (5:15pm - 5:45pm)

9.00am (English)
10.30am (2nd Sunday of Month - Italian)
12.00noon (Polish)
3:00pm (1st Sunday of Month - Filipino)
St. Finbar's

 - No Mass -

9.00am (English)

Holy Family

 - No Mass -

10.30am (English)

Weekday Mass

[ *after Christmas day and well into the end of January, the schedule of the daily Mass (in English) changes to a later time: 9:00am, Tuesday to Friday]

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
St. Augustine's    - No Mass -

 8.00am (English)*

 Rosary after the Mass.

 8.00am*  8.00am*  9.30am*
 St. Finbar's  - No Mass -  - No Mass -  - No Mass -  - No Mass -  - No Mass -
 Holy Family - No Mass - - No Mass - - No Mass - - No Mass -
 - No Mass -

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