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Saturday 25 Mar 2017 - 45th Anniversary of St Augustine's Church

Salisbury Catholic Parish is a vibrant parish in the northern suburbs of the Archdiocese of Adelaide. We are a welcoming community, and through our website you can learn about the many people who make up our Catholic community, gathered from different lands and languages.

We are a community united in our Catholic Faith. We seek to share this faith with each other and with our children. We are centred in the Eucharist, and in our website you can learn our schedules for the celebration of the Eucharist. You will find the many ways in which we bring the Eucharist with those who are sick in hospitals or at home.
And we are a community which embraces the Spirit and Nature of all God's People. If you are new to our area, please become part of our community, bringing your own unique spirit to share in God's Spirit.

[Fr Roderick]


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Mary MacKillop in Rome

On 28 March 1873, Sr Mary MacKillop left Adelaide in a coastal steamer bound for Albany (WA) to travel to Europe. After a long journey her first stop in Europe was the Italian port of Brindisi. From there she went to Rome, arriving on 11 May 1873. Mary stayed until 1 August then travelled to Scotland, returning to Rome on 17 March 1874, and remained there until the end of April.

If you go to Rome, I invite you to walk in Mary’s footsteps. During a pilgrimage to Rome, parishioner Lorraine Thalbourne and I spent a day following Mary’s physical and spiritual journey. It was quite a walk, and we were both glad that we were able to do this. The Sisters of St Joseph have kindly prepared a booklet with maps and pictures, so it is not so difficult.

These weeks in Rome, spread over two years, were crucial for Mary and for the fledgling congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph. They were difficult, but Mary received great support from a variety of people, including the sisters of the Monastero della Compassion, who gave her accommodation, Swiss Jesuit Anton Anderledy, who became her spiritual director, Monsignor Tobias Kirby of the Irish College and many others. She met Pope Pius IX and the Cardinals who were to be responsible for approval of the constitution of the congregation.

But it was in Rome, too, that the approval of the constitution brought troubles in Australia. Two issues were important: poverty and central government. In simplest terms, the Roman authorities would not agree to absolute poverty. This was a key factor in Sr Mary’s break with her co- founder, Fr Julian Tenison Woods. And central government was not agreeable to some bishops, who preferred their own local government at diocesan level.

On 4 January 1875, Mary MacKillop returned to Adelaide, continuing the wonderful journey which has led to her being declared St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Australia’s first saint. 

Fr Roderick [23 Mar 2017]



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