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Salisbury Catholic Parish is a vibrant parish in the northern suburbs of the Archdiocese of Adelaide. We are a welcoming community, and through our website you can learn about the many people who make up our Catholic community, gathered from different lands and languages.

We are a community united in our Catholic Faith. We seek to share this faith with each other and with our children. We are centred in the Eucharist, and in our website you can learn our schedules for the celebration of the Eucharist. You will find the many ways in which we bring the Eucharist with those who are sick in hospitals or at home.
And we are a community which embraces the Spirit and Nature of all God's People. If you are new to our area, please become part of our community, bringing your own unique spirit to share in God's Spirit.

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8-15 January 2017

Happiness and Fulfilment

Christmas is our “holy day”. And in Australia we have the privilege of also celebrating Christmas as a “holiday”, a day free from work responsibilities. We have the freedom to worship our God who has come among us, and we have the opportunity to share the blessings of Christmas with our families and friends. For many families the festival is an opportunity to gather, and to share their joy.

For priests, too, Christmas is a time to celebrate. The priest’s life is happy and fulfilling – from decades of experience I can assure you of that. Our happiness comes in wonderful celebrations to worship the all-powerful God who has done an amazing thing by coming to us as a powerless child. Our happiness comes in accompanying families in their spiritual journey.

Our fulfilment comes in the same way. Some families have a wonderful time at Christmas. But some families are fractured or broken, divided or just desperate. We priests accompany all sorts of families. We dream the same dreams as families dream: for the simple things like family unity, real employment, some security and peace. No priest has a magic wand to wave so that all will be well. We find our fulfilment in sharing the journey with all our families.

As the poet Henry Longfellow once reminded us: the sun is shining even when it is behind a cloud. Like any family, the priest’s happiness and fulfilment is sometimes clouded by the troubles of ministry, by failure, by sickness, by the demands of celibacy, and by many other causes. Yet the very teaching which we share with others enables us to see beyond the clouds.

As we continue to celebrate the birth of Christ and the coming of the sages from the east, I wish every parishioner and every family happiness and fulfilment. Each night may you hear the angels sing of God’s glory, and may each rising sun bring you the good news of our Saviour. Glory to God in the highest!

Fr Roderick [6 January 2017]


The ECHO (8-15 Jan 2017)

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