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Baptism Information and Procedures
Salisbury Catholic Parish

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Dear parents,

We welcome your request for the Baptism of your child in the Salisbury Catholic Parish. You have already experienced great joy at the birth of your child and many of your friends and family have rejoiced with you. Now the Catholic community welcomes your child with great joy and wants to experience your joy in their midst.

FIRSTLY: You are invited to present your child for WELCOMING at a Sunday Mass (on the 2nd, 4th Sunday of month, before the Baptism day) where you and your child will be welcomed into the parish community. You may choose one of the following masses:

  • At St. Augustine’s Church, Salisbury – Sat 6.00pm, Sun 9.00am, or 10.30am (Italian) or 7.00pm
  • At Holy Family Mass Centre, Parafield Gardens – Sun 10.30am
  • At St. Finbar’s Church, Salisbury North – Sun 9.00am

SECONDLY: You will need to choose a DATE for the BAPTISM. The Baptism ceremony will be celebrated either on Sunday at 3.00pm in St. Augustine’s on the 2nd Sunday of the month OR at the Mass time you have chosen, (times as above), on a Saturday Evening or Sunday following the Welcome (that is, either on the 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month). (PLEASE SEE THE “SCHEDULE FOR BAPTISMS” ATTACHED TO THIS LETTER FOR DATES AVAILABLE). You are advised that you should have alternative dates chosen as only three children will be booked in for any one Mass time. Once you have chosen both dates, please contact the Parish Office to firm up the booking.

If you have chosen to celebrate the Baptism in St. Augustine’s Church at 3.00pm on a Sunday, then this will be equally an opportunity to be with other families in the joy of a community celebration.

If you haven’t already done so, phone the parish office to arrange to pick up the Preparation DVD’s – information is on the front of this package. Watching the Baptism preparation DVD’s can be an opportunity to refresh your faith journey and to get a good understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism this days.  It would be good that you have already seen the DVD before our Parish Baptism Preparation Team come to visit you.  Someone from the Baptism Prepration Team will be in contact to arrange a time for them to visit you.  Their visit will be an opportunity to answer any questions you may have regarding the baptism of your child.  The Baptism Preparation Visitor will collect your completed Baptism Request Form and also the recommended Baptism fee contribution.

Your completed Baptism Request Form will be endorsed and signed by the visitor, who will submit this to the Parish Office prior to the Baptism.

About Godparents: They are selected by the parents because of their special relationship or friendship. Godparents should be known as persons of good Christian life, at least one of which must be a Baptized and Confirmed Catholic.  Non-Christians (for example: Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Agnostics or Atheists) may not stand as godparents to the child.

BAPTISM FEE: The recommended contribution towards the upkeep of clergy in the Archdiocese is $100.00, to be paid in advance to the Baptism Preparation Visitor or at the Parish Office. Please place in an envelope marked with the child’s name and the date of the Baptism.

+++  You and your family are precious to our community. We welcome you again and again. +++

Fr. Shibu Jacob, msfs                                                                                      
Parish Priest                                                                                                      


Fr Sam, Fr Vimalraj, Francis and Deacon Arturo


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